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Maitri Affirmation Center
Brand Identity

CLIENT: Maitri

Mission and Values:"No One Should Have to Suffer, Transition, or Die Alone." Maitri Affirmation Center is a new project launched by Maitri that will provide

professional medical help and psychotherapy for people recovering from gender-affirming surgery. Maitri's mission has always been compassionate and caring to everyone in need

Project objectives: To create a brand identity and system for Maitri's Affirmation Center as they begin to expand their programs. Maitri's Affirmation Center's brand identity should evoke Maitri's mission to deliver compassion and support and be contemporary and distinct.

Audience:  Local community, visitors, people recovering from gender affirmation
surgery, and funders.

Brand Voice: Compassionate, sympathetic, amiable, trusting, soft-hearted, attentive, and supportive.

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