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Plackers Packaging Redesign

  • Make plackers packaging more durable for the bathroom envrioment
  • Add aesthetic to plackers packaging
  • Redesign to save space. 

  • Does not stand on its own, takes up space
  • Easily broken sealer
  • Gets dirty quickly due to it not standing up
  • Not quite fun enough

︎︎︎ Original Packaging ︎︎︎

As a consumer of dental floss often packaged in the same, or similar packaging as the original Plackers packaging above, I’ve always been bothered by the size and amount of space it takes up, so much so that I replace the plastic packaging with a container for easier access and space management.

I redesigned the packaging to be a tin container that opens from the top; the new packaging will be refillable and easy to store, Allowing customers to make sustainable choices such as buying a refill and cutting down on single-use packaging.
  • Packaging container
  • Distribution of information 
  • Spacially aware packaging
  • Water resistant/protects product

Final Packaging Re-design

︎︎︎more work︎︎︎