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Conceptual Cafe Branding

  • Create a hip new cafe in the theme of Superflat (visually & conceptually)
  • Artfully represent the political and societal struggles that run rampage in San Francisco 
  • Tourists in San Francisco
  • Socially aware youth/Artists
  • Gen-Z instram foodies

  • Visual: in theme of Superflat Movement
  • Voice: Rebellious, Pop, Viral, Playful and Chaotic 

Behind the Name: YAMI YAM!

Very first logo visual

A graphic eyeball with a command symbol reflection in the iris and control symbols as eyelashes

YAMIYAM! has a playful ring to its name with a humorous, dark meaning. The name is a combination of two Japanese words:

Yami: 闇 (darkness) and Yam: 病む (to be sick/mentally unwell).

The combination of two dark words makes up a fun and yummy name, YAMI YAM😋️

The words Yami (闇) and Yam (病む) refer to the current state of San Francisco. The city has unaffordable housing, a growing homeless crisis, thriving tech companies, and drug-addicted people in the same block. The conceptual cafe playfully represents the city that has become dark and depressed over the years, with inspiration to the Superflat art movement.

Logo/Icon Development

I wanted to envoke the feeling of being surveilled and controlled by tech in the modern world, so designed various eye icons, with a command symbol in the center of the eye. 

Experimenting with style and aesthetics 

Final Logo/Assets

For the final designs I decided to go with a American style comic eye with American classic candy, tents and toy like buildings and syringes as elements. The tone of the designs are fun playful and almost seemingly child appropriate


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